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Putting a modern twist on storytelling, Urban Kidz Chronicles is a podcast showcasing child-friendly, captivating stories that will inspire a generation. Listen to original stories written by your host, ShaQuina Stanley, that explore life lessons and hot topics including social media, hip-hop culture, and all things cool kids want to do, be and hear! 

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Focusing on culturally relevant storytelling through an engaging and fresh approach to literature, with the aim of helping children to enjoy thought-provoking discussions and develop reading and comprehension skills. Perfect for imaginative kids, this podcast delivers entertainment that educators, teachers, parents, and children alike will love, featuring beautifully narrated adventures, all of which help kids to push the limits of their imagination while invoking critical thinking. Celebrating different cultures and walks of life, each episode offers the opportunity to analyze, celebrate and discover a fresh perspective on living and learning. And remember, if you want to find out about more standards-aligned and academic curricula – check out our worksheets and activities that go alongside the stories! Visit hiphopteaching/podcast or Hip Hop Teaching on teacherspayteachers.com

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Welcome to Urban Kidz Chronicles

If “give me a beat” were a person, it’d be me! I’m ShaQuina Stanley, author, podcast host and founder of Hip Hop Teaching, LLC, a platform where I blend...

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